Hello, I am The Rain Dweller.

My name is Christopher Durao and I am someone who loves to express my creativity through making art.

Creative expression is something I am very passionate about because it has been the single greatest tool in bringing me peace within my life. I think everyone has their own way to express themselves; and all of it is art. The most important thing you can do in life is to enjoy it; so I encourage everyone reading this to follow your heart, and create more of your unique art.

Making art is my Ikigai; the Japanese word for “life’s purpose”. I work as a wedding photographer; and I am currently in an apprenticeship to become a tattooer. I also enjoy painting and screen-printing. I am always finding ways to try new things and make more art.

My sun-sign on the zodiac calendar is Cancer, so I naturally consider family in the highest regard. I am married to the love of my life, Sarah, and have a baby boy, Oliver. We own and operate a small homestead in rural Connecticut and live a simple, self-sustaining life raising our children, animals and crop.

I am a veteran of the United States Army and due to the experiences I had within my time in service, I became an advocate for mental health. I do work for this cause through the peer-support community I founded, The Rain Dweller Tribe. This project supports mental + emotional health by connecting individuals, who are committed to making a change in their life, to a community of peer-support, education and experiences that utilize holistic tools.

I am a creator and I have loved art my whole life. When I was a boy, I would draw hand-made comic books filled with my own characters and stories. Today, my art still reflects this love of cartoons and comic books. I use bold lines and bright colors. My style is also influenced by American and Japanese traditional tattoos. I am inspired by my love of films and books about the old west, samurai & the occult. I have a vast interest in ancient history, culture and folklore which heavily impacts my art. I infuse my love of mindfulness into my work and try to create imagery that has spiritual significance.

My intention for this website is to be a place where I can showcase my art, and sell selective pieces to those who are interested. Thank you for taking the time to support my journey in life and art. If you wish to be notified when I begin taking tattoo clients, please sign up for my email list below.

The Rain Dweller Tribe

Connecting community to peer-support & holistic tools for mental wellness

We are known as Rain Dwellers.
enduring the storm, helping
those lost seek sanctuary.

The Rain Dweller Tribe is a peer-support community located in Connecticut, USA that supports mental + emotional health by connecting individuals, who are committed to making a change in their life, to a community of peer support, education and experiences that utilize holistic and creative tools.

By accessing our community and events you will be given the space to become a more confident, empowered human being.


The Sentinels are the pillars of our tribe. These guardians of the light have dedicated themselves to holding umbrellas for us all, and do so by hosting Check-In Hours and offering support via our Rain Dweller Tribe Chat. Each of our leaders has their own unique qualities that strengthen and diversify our group.

The Sentinel Roster:

Christopher Durao

Sarah Durao

Sara Putney

Victor Padilla

Tatianna Trotman

Michaelangelo Mancini

Hallie Caisse

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of us via Telegram, privately or in our Rain Dweller Tribe Chat.


Join us for our weekly Check-In Hour via ZOOM on Thursday nights at 8pm est.
We will:

- Meditate

- Journal

- Connect with each other

- Practice gratitude

- Set intentions for the week

Join us for Check-In Hour every Thursday night at 8pm est. Invites are sent via our Telegram group.


Get extra support and encouragement from a group of peers texted directly to your phone via Telegram.

This is our main form of connection and we use this application chat to invite members to join us at Check-In Hour each week.

If you’re interested in joining the tribe, send me an email.