About The Artist

About The Artist

My name is Christopher Durao and I am an artist local to Southeastern Connecticut, USA.

I work in the mediums of tattooing, painting & screen-printing.

I have loved making art for all my life. When I was a young boy, I was inspired by the cartoons I would watch on Saturday mornings and the Sunday funny pages that my grandma would give me to read. I would draw my own characters and make comic books with stories of their adventures.

As I got older, I sought opportunities to keep making art a big part of my life. After high school, I went to college for graphic design thinking I could get a job that allowed me to continue this path. I eventually realized it wasn't for me, but I did learn a lot of significant things that I was able to take back into my drawing, where my passion truly lied.

Life then took an unexpected turn and I joined the army. My time overseas gave me a lot of new experiences and appreciations but it disconnected me from my art.

When I returned home, I was lost. I went through some rough waters while navigating the experiences I had endured and I was searching for a purpose that had been long forgotten.

Through this dark night of the soul, I reconvened with my childhood love of making art. I found a sense of peace in creation and it helped me through some really troubling times.

I began screen-printing t-shirts with positive messages and imagery; then sold them at vendor markets where they would spark conversations that taught me I was not alone in my struggles.

A spiritual journey was upon me, where I learned a lot about myself. None of it was easy, and I had to face a lot of hard truths, but I began to love myself again. I found my confidence and knew I could make my passions become a reality so I began something I was always interested in but never thought I could do: tattooing.

My life experiences continue to impact my art today. I create art with spiritual significance to inspire others to feel. I use bold lines and big colors like the comic books I have always loved. I bring history, culture and adventure from my travels into my work.

I now live in the countryside of Southeastern Connecticut on a small farm with my wife and son. I enjoy a slow and peaceful lifestyle caring for my family, animals and garden while finding the time to make some art that really resonates with me.

When you buy a piece of art from me on this website, know that it is an accumulation of all of the experiences throughout my lifetime. Everything I do, I do leading from my heart.

If you are interested in booking a tattoo with me, please sign up for my email list below and I will send you the instructions on how that is done.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my site and to learn more about me and my art. I am ever grateful.

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